Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keepin’ It Real Wednesday

After setting Ollie up with a snack yesterday, I went upstairs to shower, taking Carina with me. At some point she must have wandered downstairs, and as I was finishing up, I heard Ollie yelling,

“Mom!!! Carina is on the counter!”

“Okay, Ollie.  I am coming.” (continuing to get dressed)

“MOM!!!! Carina is on the counter!!!! Come get her!!!”

“Ollie, I am coming.  Calm down.”  (putting deodorant on)


At which point I walk downstairs to find this:



What is wrong with my children?!!!!!


Sharon said...

WOW! My heart is still beating hard.

Ashley said...

Oh my heck!! I don't even know how she did that!! Claire can barely pull herself up onto the kitchen chairs! Wow, just wow.

The hardest part of having the kids in school is getting used to the fact that Rae isn't around to keep an eye on Claire while I shower,etc. Looks like you need to put ALL the chairs on the counter, not just a couple :) But I'm sure she'll find another way!

Christie said...

Last night I heard Jeb crying upstairs. I continued switching the laundry to the dryer and eventually went up there, only to find him completely wedged UNDER his bed and unable to get out.

Gaynelle said...

I'm trying to fathom how she did that. So crazy!

Olivia Carter said...

ACK! That is awesome & so so scary!

Jonelle said...

Creative, brave and just plain smart! She may be a handful, but what potential!!! (I know, easy for me to say :))

Katie said...

Jonelle - even though it is pain, I totally agree with you! I had to be proud of her - she is just something else!

123 said...
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