Monday, November 19, 2012

Choose the Right

Every year, all the of "Primary" children (ages 3-11) at church present a program to the congregation.  They sing songs and each have a little speaking part.  It is always a fun and touching Sunday.  This year's theme has been "Choose the Right"  so the presentation was centered what it means to make good choices and how we do it.

This year's program started off with a bang.  Ollie had the first line, and as he made his way to the podium, another little boy in his class started throwing a fit because he wanted to say his line first.  Everyone in the congregation always sincerely loves to see what will happen when you put 50+ children up there together and you could hear chuckles throughout.  The boy had to be restrained while the other kids in front of him spoke, and then he calmly stood up tall in front of the microphone and said, "I can choose to be reverent."  Laughter erupted with that line.

My second favorite (entertaining) part came later during one of the songs.  Ollie stood with his class at the front row of the raised podium area whenever it was time to sing.  By the time they were four or five songs in  he had dropped all attempts at singing and either sat there with a glazed look or smiled at me with all his might.  As they sang "The Wise Man" with hand gestures (beating a fist on a flat palm to show the wise man building his house on the rock), I gave him my best stage-mom grinned and gestured at him to do the actions.  He started mouthing the words with a huge mischievousness grin and wide eyes, then pointed to himself, pointed right at me, and made a motion like he was snapping a twig.  I laughed out loud and he beamed at me from the stage, eyebrows raised.

My favorite serious moments were hearing them sing a beautiful arrangement of "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus"  and hearing the Primary President speak of her love for the children. I loved hearing Gabe and Colin stand confidently and say their lines, so old and mature. I am so so grateful that my kids have so many wonderful and loving adults in their lives to teach them to make good choices, love their Savior, and love their neighbor.


Ashley said...

I love it - always such a lovely program.

Claire has the same dress as Carina and wore it last week. I love it.

Olivia Carter said...

Aw, so cute! Out program isn't until the beginning of December and I can't wait! They are the best!

Kelly said...

LOVE the primary program. Sounds like yours was a doozy!

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Aw, so sweet