Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday night with the Colemans

Oliver, Carina, and Gabe are in bed. I know the little ones are fast asleep, but Gabe might possibly be laying in his bed, eyes open, with the blanket pulled up to his neck, as he does until he falls asleep. Or he may be finding a way to sneak and read the new Magic Treehouse book he bought today.

Colin is up later than usual, working with Chad to type up a project that is due next Tuesday about the North Carolina economy. We know he won't have much time on Monday because he has piano that day, so today has been get-it-done day. He is getting goofier by the minute and needs to go bed, and Chad needs/deserves a break!

They are using my laptop, so I typing this on my phone, waiting. Then I will edit photos as long as my tired eyes allow. I have three photo sessions waiting to be edited, and having that much pile-up makes me very uncomfortable.

Chaddy and I will probably catch up on some TV while I edit. Exciting times.

Chad and Colin just informed me that there are 138 "Colin Colemans" in the US. I think they officially need to get off the computer.

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Ashley said...

LOL - Rae and Roy get goofy when Rae is up late doing something with him. And it is funny that he's "up late" at 8:30-I'm totally pulling my hair out if my kids aren't all in bed by then too.

What Magic Treehouse book is Gabe on? Does he like to read them in order? Rae insisted on reading them in order and our library in Fayette didn't have a single one, so she owns almost all of them up to 40 I think. I always justified it as a "school expense" when she was home schooled :) Hopefully Blaise will like to read them too!