Saturday, January 5, 2013

My date tonight


I drew Colin’s name at Christmas.  I know my boy, and I know that what he what appreciates most of all is time and attention. I decided to give him both – I got him a Sonic gift card, with the promise of an afternoon of geocaching, followed by dinner out. 

Unfortunately, the geocaching app I downloaded today did not work properly.  After following the ever-changing arrow that lead us in circles and couldn’t make up its mind about what direction we should go, we gave up on our first geocache, drove to another, and then gave up on that one as well.  Colin was easy-going and good-humored about it and anxious to get to Sonic, so it was really okay. 

Colin was funny about the ten dollar gift card.  I don’t think he has ever been to a fast food restaurant and been allowed to order whatever he wanted.  So I could tell he was torn between being practical with the card and getting what he really wanted.  He was waiting to decide what he wanted until after I decided, so that he would know what his budget was.  I purposefully got one of the cheapest burgers so that he could go crazy and he did.  He couldn’t even finish his double bacon cheeseburger and ice cream – which is saying something because that kid can eat.

Colin kept commenting about how nice and quiet and relaxing dinner was without the little kids, like he just couldn’t believe the contrast.  I had to agree, and I realized that he gets very few moments like that these days, with just a parent and no younger brothers or a demanding sister vying for attention.  The fact of the matter his, he was so much calmer and quieter than he ever is when they are there.  Maybe he is often doing his own vying for attention?

We got to talk about little things and took a trip to Target when we were done.  He saw some batting gloves he wanted and I started teasing him about the fact that he has already spent all his Christmas money by singing, “Hey, big spender.”  Then I realized how incredibly inappropriate that song was and quickly shut up.  Kind of a Maeby and Michael moment, huh Chad?


Jamie said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks! Glad you guys got to spend some one on one time together.

Olivia Carter said...

Aw, that is so sweet. Sounds like when I can spend time alone with Sydney. So fantastic. And is the moment you speak of the "Afternoon Delight" moment. Man, I wish you lived closer! We'd have a lot of fun together!

Katie said...

Yes indeed, Olivia