Monday, January 7, 2013

Sky high


Have you read about those studies saying that sugar doesn’t cause hyperactivity in children?  I have.  I’ve even quoted them to Chad.

But last night after dinner, I fed the 10 children this hot chocolate…..with two cans of sweetened condensed milk and two bags of chocolate chips, with marshmallows on top…..

And the results were astounding.

Ollie tackling Lily and Lindsey.  Carina pushing Leslie to the floor and literally running in circles.  Mayan kicking her feet out of her boots time and again when it was time to go. 

Maybe our kids are just a special exceptions?


Ashley said...

Oh no, that is a naughty hot chocolate recipe!! I'll have to try it for Valentine's Day or something :)

I think this quote in the article sums it up:
"That’s likely because there’s an association. Times when kids get a lot of sugar are often times when they are predisposed to be a little excited. Halloween. Birthday parties. Holidays. We may even be causing the problem ourselves. Some parents are so restrictive about sugar and candy that when their kids finally get it they’re quite excited. Even hyper."

Jamie said...

Love this recipe! I made it for one of our mutual nights in December. The kids loved it! Very rich but so good.

Olivia Carter said...

OH man, that recipe sounds fantastic! I totally think sugar does my kids in, but they are always wild. It's just in their genes.