Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cinder- relllllllll-a!!!


See that Cinderella lunch box/purse?  Granny gave that to Carina last week and now it goes everywhere with her.  Today she stuffed pretzels into it and brought it to church.  She is a sucker for anything with a licensed Disney princess on it.  I am not….but I have to admit that it tickles me to see her so “into” something. 

As a side note, I put Cinderella on for her the other day, and I found that even though I have watched it maybe once or twice in the past twenty years, I could quote a lot of it.  I think my sister Ashley got the VHS as a gift one year and we watched it over and over and over again.  Do any of my siblings remember that?


Ashley said...

Yeah, I believe it was me who got it as a present. I'm pretty sure I have the whole thing memorized! Claire doesn't have anything like that right now that she just has to take with her - and happily we don't have much "character" stuff (except for Thomas and Chuggington) Claire does like to have a ring on her finger or a bracelet or scrunchie on her arm.

Christie said...

Yes, that was the very first Disney movie we got on VHS, so we watched every single day (sometimes 2-3x/day) for at least a month. At least. And then Elizabeth went through her Cinderella phase; it was the very first movie/TV show she would sit and watch, and the only one for months on end. And that was during the time that Amelia was born and came home from the hospital, so there was many a day when she would take her nap with it on and it would go to the root menu and loop a bit of music over and over, and I would just leave it because Amelia had fallen asleep on me and I didn't want to wake either of them up. That was the closest to peace I had in those days. Ah, the memories!