Monday, February 4, 2013


Every day, we carpool with Gabe's classmate, Addie. As we make the twenty minute drive and Carina bats her eyes at her (and Addie bats her eyes at Colin), she tells Gabe all about what she is teaching her younger brother, Charlie.

Charlie will be entering kindergarten next year with Ollie, so Charlie's education is a matter of pride for her. Now Gabe has started to take Ollie's preschool education very seriously. Last week after Addie informed Gabe that Charlie can count to ten in Chinese, he sat Ollie down for a oh-so-serious study session on the playroom couch.

For over half an hour, he patiently read to Ollie and had him repeat each and every word. Ollie complied with a smile and I am told that they covered 17 pages.

Filling me in the next day, after another intense tutorial, Gabe told me that the piano lesson didn't go as well and that Ollie "couldn't even get the hand positions right."

You gotta hand to the young teacher - at least he wants a well rounded pupil.


lindsey said...

too cute. Hey it gets you off the hook right? Lily tries to sit down with Mayan and teach her how to say words correctly... I try to explain her that Mayan can't speak as well as she can...

Ashley said...

Rae pulled out the "what to expect" books last night to make sure Claire is up-to-date. Those big kids gotta make sure their little siblings don't embarrass them!

Christie said...

How cute. Elizabeth loves to try to teach Jeb and every once in a while Amelia will, too.