Wednesday, February 6, 2013



Last Saturday, Chad and I got to go the Columbia temple while my parents watched our little ones.  It was a nice and relaxing three hours of driving, and we even got to go out to lunch together.  It also happened to be the 12th anniversary of our engagement. 

Even though it was a Chad and Katie day, I thought about my mom a lot.  When she was a young teenager, she was talking to one of her friends, who mentioned that her parents were going to the temple.   My mom asked what the temple was, and her friend explained that families can be sealed  together forever there.  This interested my mom and she wanted to know more. This was my mom’s first step towards the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a gospel that would shape her whole life.  She always let us know how sacred the temple was when we were growing up.  I thought on Saturday of receiving my endowments in the Los Angeles temple with my mom by my side for every step. I remembered how happy she was the day she got to see my niece Callie, who is adopted, sealed to her family.  My mom kept doing temple work for as long as she could, even when it was hard to speak the words she needed to. 

This calling of mine and my mom’s, this motherhood -  my mom has always known how sacred it is.  I thought about that on Saturday, and I thought about how much I want to be like her.


Jamie said...

This was so sweet Katie! She really is an amazing lady. Last time we went to the LA temple Aaron pointed out the bench where your Dad proposed to her.

Christie said...

We really need to get her to the temple to do family sealings sometime. Plenty of names ready and she could handle that.