Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lunch with Colin

Colin’s birthday is almost always during Spring Break, which is awesome for him, but it means that he never gets to bring cupcakes to school on his birthday.  Carina and I went to lunch at his school last Thursday (Ollie was at preschool) and brought mini-cupcakes for his classmates. 

Since there are only two Chinese classes (and each has withered down to around 13 students in each 4th grade class), I know, at least by face, all the kids in his class. Most of them by name. It is always fun to see them and hear them reminisce about how big Colin’s siblings are getting.  Also, it is nice to see that even though my boy may be entering that slightly awkward stage, his classmates are right there with them :)  Like, I know that Colin showers every day and I have even taught him to do his own hair, which I thought wasn’t much of an accomplishment, but now I think it might be.

Also, you always wonder how old your kid will be when they start getting embarrassed by you, and Colin is still not there, which is really nice to know.  We got to sit at our own table, away from his class, but when it was time to pass the cupcakes out he asked me to come help him, with Carina.

For lunch he requested that I bring him a sub sandwich from Target with salami, pepperoni, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes.  He had that sandwich once a couple of years ago and has never forgotten it.  He was happy with his choice and the cupcakes he chose – red velvet and chocolate chocolate.

Gabe and Colin’s lunches overlap, so he got to sit and hang out with us too.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Carina’s Birthday Party


Last weekend was a busy weekend – for all of the families.  So I decided to keep Carina’s party simple and short.  She is two, afterall.  I knew that my parents and Bobby’s family were all headed to the temple in the morning and Gabe had a soccer game, so we planned the party for late afternoon.  It was the day after my Easter photo shoot, so I had a lovely basket for the centerpiece.  We made three different kinds of popcorn – Salty Garlic, Cinnamon and Sugar, and Siracha with Lime – with juice boxes for the kids. When the kids arrived they each decorated a bag for the popcorn and just played.


It was all going splendidly except for one minor detail: Lindsey’s family were the only guests there.  I knew that everyone else was traveling home from Columbia, and my Dad had already said they were going to be a little late, so I didn’t think much of it at first.  An hour into the hour and a half party and I got a hold of my Dad, who let me know that Bobby had pointed out to him that it was on March 30, not March 23.  I pulled up the evite I sent out and, lo and behold, I had clicked on the wrong Saturday when I sent it out.  Lindsey hadn’t really noticed the date because we had been talking all week about how it was that Saturday and had spent the previous evening together at the photo shoot, so knew she to come on the “wrong” date.

My parents were just driving back into town so they managed to make it in time for the cake, but Bobby and Sabina were still far from home. It was one of the those horrible-mom moments.  I just had so many things I was planning and doing that week and I felt so good about getting it all done, but I HADN’T gotten it done RIGHT.

Lucky for me, Carina had no idea I missed up (though her brothers did and were not happy about the absence of their boy cousins), and she had a jolly good time.  She talked all day about her birthday and her cake and presents. She was very excited to wear a new dress as well.




And a video of her blowing out the candles.  You can tell she is a little nervous with her nail-biting.  I love her proud look at the end.  She is such an energetic and oh-so-sweet little girl.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Daddy with a sense of humor

Quite awhile ago, my sister-in-law Sabina gave me a itty- bitty traditional Chinese dress.   As Chinese New Year came close this year, I planned to have Carina wear it to church.  One busy Sunday morning, I pulled it out and showed her.

“Look Carina.  Look at the pretty Chinese dress.”

Carina, grabbing it and throwing it, “NO! No Chinese dress!”

We have no idea why she is so adamantly opposed to this dress – maybe just because she is so attached to her other dreses. Her brothers have tried to convince her over and over again to wear it, especially Gabe.  Every time, her reaction is the same. 


One night after her bath, we went into her room to put pajamas on and her giraffe was laying in her crib (which is a huge Carina no-no – she likes her distance from the toddler-sized giraffe when it is time to close her eyes).


Pulling the blanket off revealed an even greater offense – the Chinese dress!


Each night after that, for probably a week, Chad quietly made his way in there while Carina was in her bath, and her giraffe lay waiting for her when she came in.  Most of the time in her favorite dresses………





……….sometimes just an everyday hoodie (that she had on right before her bath.)