Friday, March 29, 2013

Carina’s Birthday Party


Last weekend was a busy weekend – for all of the families.  So I decided to keep Carina’s party simple and short.  She is two, afterall.  I knew that my parents and Bobby’s family were all headed to the temple in the morning and Gabe had a soccer game, so we planned the party for late afternoon.  It was the day after my Easter photo shoot, so I had a lovely basket for the centerpiece.  We made three different kinds of popcorn – Salty Garlic, Cinnamon and Sugar, and Siracha with Lime – with juice boxes for the kids. When the kids arrived they each decorated a bag for the popcorn and just played.


It was all going splendidly except for one minor detail: Lindsey’s family were the only guests there.  I knew that everyone else was traveling home from Columbia, and my Dad had already said they were going to be a little late, so I didn’t think much of it at first.  An hour into the hour and a half party and I got a hold of my Dad, who let me know that Bobby had pointed out to him that it was on March 30, not March 23.  I pulled up the evite I sent out and, lo and behold, I had clicked on the wrong Saturday when I sent it out.  Lindsey hadn’t really noticed the date because we had been talking all week about how it was that Saturday and had spent the previous evening together at the photo shoot, so knew she to come on the “wrong” date.

My parents were just driving back into town so they managed to make it in time for the cake, but Bobby and Sabina were still far from home. It was one of the those horrible-mom moments.  I just had so many things I was planning and doing that week and I felt so good about getting it all done, but I HADN’T gotten it done RIGHT.

Lucky for me, Carina had no idea I missed up (though her brothers did and were not happy about the absence of their boy cousins), and she had a jolly good time.  She talked all day about her birthday and her cake and presents. She was very excited to wear a new dress as well.




And a video of her blowing out the candles.  You can tell she is a little nervous with her nail-biting.  I love her proud look at the end.  She is such an energetic and oh-so-sweet little girl.


Bubb Rubb said...

Awesome cake and party.

Ashley said...

So fun - but makes me think I need to put a little planning into Claire's party #2 to compete with you ;)

Can't wait to get those two girls together again!

Olivia Carter said...

Fantastic! I am in love with that cake- GOTTA REMEMBER THAT!