Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ollie turns 5!!!

We had our traditional birthday pool party for Oliver last Saturday.  Since Leslie and Lily (my nieces) also had birthdays this month that we had not yet had a chance to celebrate, we did a combined birthday party for the three of them.  We had his best friend/cousin Liam spend the night before and they just played and played until bedtime and got up and played and played some more.

The water was COLD and it was only around 80 or so outside.  The kids braved the water more than the Blythonian parents. 

This post will just pretty much be pictures.  Deal with it. (Don’t tell Colin I used that phrase – it was banned from our house about a week into summer).




Now tell me all those pictures didn’t make you smile! 

The next day was actually his birthday and, fun fun fun STAKE CONFERENCE (when you get to go to church and sit in hard chairs for two hours with no Primary!). 

Ollie got his big present from us after church, along with his present from his brothers.  Chad put the bike together during quiet time and he rode it all around the downstairs for about an hour, telling me over and over again how much he loved it.


I love it when they all have a chance to show their love to each other, and Ollie really eats it up.  At one point I saw Gabe give Ollie a hug out of the blue.  Ollie beamed and walked over to me and said, “Mom. Gabe just gave me a HUG! First time ever!” with a big double thumbs up. 

I let him choose what we had for our back to school feast, which I will post about next.

First birthday here and here, Second here and here (that video kills me), Third, Fourth.  I think I am going to cry.

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Jamie said...

How fun! Can't believe how fast our nieces and nephews are growing up.