Saturday, August 10, 2013

This week…

Was not the best.

  It started off when our adoption agency posted updated pictures of all the kids on their (secret) Facebook page.  I happened to be on Facebook when the pictures started showing up so I was, of course, glued to it for the duration.  Beautiful face after beautiful face showed up, and I refreshed and clicked and waited.  A couple of hours later and the director announced that they were done and to let her know if anyone was missed.  That would be us. (They will be going back their foster home and getting the pictures but roads are awful there and things are busy so I don’t know when that will be).  I was so sad and a little grumpy.  We are in the waiting and waiting part of the process and our timeline is just stretching out further and further.  Deep down I feel calm and okay, but sometimes I just get so sad.  Thinking about two girls across the world from us that may someday be our daughters and wanting to be with them.  I have really been okay most of the time, but some weeks are hard waiting weeks.

This week…

Carina and Ollie slept kinda poorly, which meant I did too.

This week….

I went back to the gym after almost a month of being absent thanks to being out of town.

This week…..

My mom had a couple of bad days when my Dad needed to work.  She could use cheering up probably each and every day if anyone wants to send little packages or pictures or cards or Facebook messages.

This week….

I did get to hang out with some friends who are fun and lovely for a couple of hours.

This week…

Ended on a good note with a family Sam’s Club trip, swimming and a little last-minute date with Chad.


Ashley said...

Sorry about the girls' pictures -that stinks :( And sorry mom is having a hard time - we will do a craft for her tomorrow. Wish we could be there to visit during the times dad has to work.

Em said...

loved this.