Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Colin’s Pokémon Shop

Colin has been wanting to sell his Pokémon cards for awhile now because he just never uses them anymore.   He tried ebay with no success, so the obvious crowd for him to target was the one here in the house – his little brothers.  He wanted to charge way more than I thought was fair (and they probably would have paid it), so he stewed over his dashed dreams of quick bucks for awhile.  Then a couple of Fridays ago, he had to stay home from school because he was sick the night before.  After just a few hours of Full House (I got him hooked over the summer), Colin was pacing around like a hungry lion.  He came up with a plan to keep busy and make everyone in the house happy.  When Gabe and Ollie came home from school, they found this sign outside their bedroom door:



The sale was a huge success and all of Colin’s cards where out of his possession (but still in our house and ready to be scattered on the floor again, hip hip hooray).  Everyone was happy.

Until this past Thursday, when all of Colin’s classmates suddenly started talking Pokémon and bringing their cards to school.  I believe Colin weaseled a few cards back from Gabe and has already managed to aquire several more from classmates. Now Colin can’t believe he just sold them all for a cent each.

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Olivia Carter said...

OH my gosh! This is soooo funny! What a mature note too!