Saturday, October 12, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

On Wednesday, just before I was going to put Carina down for a nap, my Dad called.  “Hey, do you know anyone who wants a free night at The Great Wolf Lodge?” he asked.  He and my mom had been there the previous night, planning to stay for two nights, and they had decided to come home early.  He explained that they had two bracelets to get into the water park and said we could have their room.  I had just finished going to play group with Carina and was preparing to feed the two sets of ward missionaries that night and Ollie had soccer, and it was a school night, so I just laughed and told him that I really didn’t think we could manage it.  As soon as I hung up I started wondering…hmmm, how much does it cost to get more bracelets? Answer: $40.  No way.

I called Chad and told him I wanted to run it by him just to let him know (we have wanted to try this place our for a long time) and he immediately went to work seeing what we could do. Of course, he is not as Jeppsonish as me and just called the resort and explained the situation.  They said there would be no problem transferring the room over to us, and giving everyone in our family bracelets.  WOW.  THANK YOU GREAT WOLF LODGE.

We ordered the missionaries pizza (again), Chad called his boss to get the next day off, and as soon as Chad got home from work we broke the surprise to the kids.  We had been planning to surprise the kids by taking them out of school on Columbus Day, which is Gabe’s birthday, and taking them to Discovery Place.  So instead we made this Gabe’s birthday celebration, and they could not have been more excited.

I have to say, this little getaway was just the type of little getaway that is really good for me.  Not enough time beforehand to obsess and stress about everything that needs to be done.  Close enough and simple enough that I managed to pack everything in about 15 minutes.  It was a 40 minute drive in traffic and just the right amount of spontaneity to make us all feel a little giddy.

The lodge was just wonderful for the family.  It is well done to begin with, and then they had done it up for Halloween really nicely.  Everyone there is very friendly – to the point that is has a Disney feel to it.  We got there at almost 7 that night and immediately changed into our swimsuits to play at the waterpark for the hour that was left before it closed for the night.  In the morning we strolled to Dunkin’ Donuts (inside the lodge), then lazed around, went to Carolina Mills and lunch, and then spent the rest of the day in the waterpark.  It was one of those magical family days when almost everyone is happy almost all the time.





We really loved this place and one night there was really perfect for our family.  Thanks Mom and Dad!


Ashley said...

We've always wanted to go there. I'm always looking at the groupon deals and seeing if we can wing it. There is one in KC, but a lot of the areviews say the rooms are just old and worn down and not very comfy. How were the rooms there? Glad you guys were able to swing it! Aren't you glad you married someone not so Jeppsonish? Roy is worse than me when it comes to stuff like that!

Christie said...

Yeah, I wish James were less Jeppsonish, too ;)