Monday, October 7, 2013

It’s Monday, and it is the 7th of OCTOBER. How is that??

I like to moan and groan to Chad about much I hate Mondays.  He kids me about how cliché the whole thing is and calls me Garfield, but it is still oh-so-true.  I wake up in a panic about what I am going to feed the kids for breakfast, what I am going to pack them for lunch (today it was smoothies and leftover waffles, and bean burritos, respectively). Why is it that no matter how much food I buy for the week, it is always always gone by Monday?  Like we the amount we eat just depends on what there is in the house – if it is there, it gets eaten. 

Zumba with Sabina happens every Monday, which is a highlight, but my goodness I was so tired today and watching the clock like a hawk. 

There always seems to be something I have neglected all weekend that pops up and steals the hour or two of my get-things-done-time.  Today it was finishing off the photos for care packages I was planning to mail off today to our adopted girls.  I have their little dolls and clothes packed nice and tight in Ziploc bags, but CVS photo was just really sucking, so the pictures are now being sent to Walmart to be picked up tomorrow, extending my last-minute project yet another day.

Chad and I just finished cleaning the downstairs and putting away the groceries and I am so ready for sleep.

Gabe’s birthday party is this weekend, Lindsey is hosting cooking club at my house next (which means I have to actually clean my fridge), and sometime in there I need to start thinking about Halloween costumes.

Do I should whiny enough already?  I guess I just wanted to document a plain ol’ hectic-yet-not-exciting day. 

And in the meantime, I have THREE episodes of Downton Abbey waiting for me. That’s a good thing, right?  Add that to the fact that Monday is almost over and I am feeling pretty good.


Here’s to sleep, care packages, and Downton Abbey.

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Ashley said...

Mondays are always tough. Doesn't matter how clean the house gets on Friday or Saturday and how much laundry gets done - it all needs to be done again by Monday. And groceries....always with the groceries.

The newest season of Downton or old seasons? I am cheating and watching the season airing in the UK right now - and