Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You are my sunshine


Before Carina was born, I had a feeling that there was a reason she was joining our family when she was.  That her soul and body had come together at this particular time and in her particular fourth-child spot, for a purpose.

As my transition from three to four kids was my hardest, her disposition made that feeling grow and grow.  She just fit.

And as this past year has been one of my more difficult ones, having her home with me all day every day has been a blessing.  Her chipmunk voice, her spunky attitude, going all day long, often insistently pulling me out from under the cloud I am under.  It is a phrase that is used often, but she is a ray of sunshine in my life.  I am so thankful for it.

Today on her third birthday, I knew exactly what she would love to do.  After a breakfast of sugary cereal we went to my parent’s house, where they gave her their gift to her – “Frozen.”  Then Granny came with us to Old Navy, where she got to pick out whatever dress she wanted.   We brought six or seven options into the dressing room and when she tried the second one on, no other dresses would do. I encouraged her to try the others on, but as she did she kept saying, “I like that one,” pointing to #2.  Library was next, where we ran into some friends going to story time, so we joined then.  After that we dropped Granny at home and had lunch.  She wanted to watch Frozen with her new dress on.  I told her she couldn’t eat lunch in the new dress, so she wouldn’t let me start the movie until she quickly gobbled half her bean burrito down, declared she was done and got the dress on. When the boys and Dad came home we went to Nothing But Noodles and then SAS Cupcakes, where she got to choose her own (pink) cupcake.  She only ate the frosting (no surprise there).