Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Coleman Guide to Red Robin

Since we go to Red Robin at least four times a year, let us offer you some sound advice.

1. Red Robin is very very tasty, but $9 for a burger! Gulp. Sign up with their eClub to receive a free birthday burger, which you can use up to a week before, or a week after your birthday.

2. Have your kiddos split a kid's meal. Trust me, my kids can eat and it is still plenty for them. The Red Robin waiters are not the least bit snooty about it either. They even bring two drinks, and once when Colin finished his mac and cheese, the waitress brought him more at no additional cost. Plus the kid's meals have a wide selection of sides - mine usually choose the melonslices or mandarin oranges.

3. If you want to be sung to, present your birthday coupon early in the meal. They will also bring you a free (delicious) sundae! If you don't want to be sung to, pull the coupon out right before the bill and they may not come around, but you may be forfeiting your sundae too!

4. All burgers come with bottomless fries! The thing is, I have only gotten a second helping a couple of times because the burgers are so filling. Which brings me to...

5. It is always tempting to get a shake or the onion rings, and yes, they are SO tasty...but trust me, you are going to feel like crap if you eat those and then your burger. Too much of a good thing, and your wallet will thank you if you refrain.

6. After many a trip there, our firm menu favorites are:

The Whisky BBQ River (onion straws-yum!)
and The Royal Red

...which has bacon, cheese, and a fried egg on it. Sounds very breakfast-y but it isn't. Just very rich.

Banzai Burger, which has
a slice of grilled pineapple on it.

6. They often run special burgers, but we have never had one we were impressed with.The Wise Guy Burger I tried in October was a huge letdown (pictured below - I know, it looks tasty, but it was just okay.)

7. Sometimes you will look around at the other tables and see a dainty little lady eating a turkey and avocado sandwich on a croissant, and you will think, "Oh, that looks yummy. I should try that." But you shouldn't, because yeah, it is okay, but it isn't a burger. End of story.

8. Don't forget balloons for everyone on your way out.


James said...

We have one here, been wanting to try them. Maybe tomorrow? (Elizabeth still hasn't decided what she wants to eat for her birthday other than cake). Too bad they think mayo has to go on everything. I know I can order it without, it just bugs me.

Merf said...

I love red robin!...and always feel WAY too full as we leave....the shakes are so gooood! but it is about the 'm thinkin about red robin.

Olivia Carter said...

Oh, great tips!

I like their five alarm burger (YUM, fried jalapenos!)

And I also love their fries!

Umm... I really want Red Robin now, I'm starving!

lindsey said...

I've only ever had it once and it was terrible! my burger was undercooked and cold. I guess i should give it another shot someday..

Audra said...

I really should go some day. At least sign up for everything. I have always been a Fudruckers fan, so I am sure I would like Red Robin too :)

Bonnie said...

We went to 5 guys the other day because I was craving a burger. I was pretty embarrassed to get the regular (2 patties), and Phil just got the single. I finished mine in 1/2 the time it took him. Some times you just need a good burger! We don't go to Red Robin often...have to try it.

Ashley said...

Meh. Roy's sister always want to go to Red Robin for birthdays, so we've been there several times. We've never even had to pay for our meal and I am still bugged by the prices! :) I don't think I've ever had a burger there though. I used to order the chimidilla or something like that, but I don't think they have it anymore. I haven't been there since I was pregnant with Blaise.

I just went to County Kitchen the other day when I went out of town to go to Target, and I had a tasty tasty hamburger there. Like I said, I don't usually order burgers, but they had a tuesday special and it sounded yummy.

Chad Coleman said...

Olivia - Katie and I have never ventured into the "Spicy Burger" arena - On a 1-10 scale (10 being hottest) - how hot is it?
Lindsay - You need to give it another try. I have NEVER (in the 15+ times we have been there) had anything cold - in fact we always get our food within 10 min. of ordering, so you know it's fresh. Must have been a bad staff that day. I can also attest to the Customer Service - Nicest people in the world and we typically get a visit from the manager as well. He will typically make the rounds.

Katie said...

Bonnie - we went to Five Guys on Monday. Boy did it hit the spot! I really think they are my favorite burger place.

Kathy said...

We go to Red Robin every time we go to see the grandkids in Arizona. One night, on our way there, we hadn't eaten so we went by. It was about 2 minutes before closing. Our server was so nice! We didn't feel rushed at all, she kept checking if we needed refills, etc. It is pricey but we, too, love it! And it's a special treat because we only take the kids in AZ, not here. It's also one of our school's favorite places when we have a teacher planning or some time when all the teachers can go to lunch together. And they are extremely kid-friendly (which is important when you're with a bunch of grandkids).