Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keepin' It Real Wednesday

Dear Ashley,

About two and a half weeks ago, we took a special trip to Dollar Tree with you and your kids in mind. We wanted to send them a St. Patrick's Day package, so we got some cute headbands, a shiny spiral decoration, some necklaces, Mike and Ike's, and Sour Patch Kids. Gabe and Colin were quite excited to send the treats off to their cousins.

Didn't get that package, did you?

I realized on Monday that time had run out. We ate the candy.

The kids wore the St. Patrick's Day gear today. Yep, that is it in the picture.

It's the thought that counts, right?

With Love,
Katie and kids

PS.Chad in charge of shipping around here. Not to pass the blame, but he is the one with a UPS account. Just sayin.'
PPS. Chad's parents never got the handmade Valentines the kids made them either.


Olivia Carter said...

Ha! This gave me a good laugh- thanks Katie & this is SOOOO me!

Christie said...

Funny, Olivia, my comment was going to be "That is so Katie!"
Better than me, though. If I even think about it I just realize I'm not going to get around to following through, so I don't buy the stuff in the first place!

Ashley said...

Ha! So funny! We got that headband that Ollie is wearing and Rae said it hurt her head, so I wore it during the parade here. So that part is okay, but I'm pretty sure you owe me some sour patch candy :)

I have a bag in my entry way closet of stuff to send to Lindsey. I bought it all a month ago. My goal is to get it sent before Mayan is too big for the outfit in there. If only there were a post office inside Walmart!

And we had some homemade Valentines and Christmas thank you cards that never got sent either.

Chad Coleman said...

I'm actually going to fall on the sword on this one - I am in charge of shipping in the house and everything was ready to go and I just forgot to ship it. When you guys are here Ashley, I'll take you to Walmart - But you can only get something that's under $.64 - Nope, not the gum, it's too expensive - No, put back the Sour Spray or the Candy with a fan on top - those are too expensive (I love those conversations with the kids in the checkout line - They are such suckers for the fancy packaging - Just grab some Skittles and lets GO!).

Katie is actually the solid one with stuff like that in the family. Isn't it funny how you are remembered for things that happened when you were in high school or younger? I am still held responsible for a sweater I lost in the 5th grade.

Ashley said...

Poor Katie - she'll always be thought of as the messy and absentminded teenager we all knew :)

Katie said...

LOL, I still think of myself as that - with good reason! I try a lot harder now not to be though!