Monday, July 18, 2011

Martha Rivers Park and Mary Jo’s

I wanted to do something with my mom and the kids, so I decided we would try out a park that I saw on my friend Shyann’s blog.  Martha Rivers Park is a bit of a drive from our house, but the kids sure did love it.castle

I had to steal a picture from the city website because I forgot to put my memory card back in my camera before I loaded it up.  It was a little warm this morning, but the kids stayed happy, running around all the staircases and discovering all the fun different details in the castle.  My mom, Carina, and I got to sit in the shade while they played in the sand.  Carina was passing out her best, wide-mouthed, drooling  baby smiles for my mom and me.  Again, no pictures:o(


After the park, we hit up Mary Jo’s, which is an incredible fabric store not far from the park.  The first time I went there last summer, I was completely overwhelmed.  You walk in to rows and rows of just about every time of fabric your heart could desire.  I don’t actually sew much at all, but I want to when I go there.  A hundred possible projects spring up in my head and I slowly meander through.  (sigh).  Anyway, can you believe I took three boys and a baby girl there?!!  They were pretty stinkin’ good in the beginning, because I let them each choose some fabric for pajama pants.  They were completely fascinated by the idea of this fabric being eventually made into a piece of clothing. Gabe had question after question….”Oh, so is fabric like cloth?”  “How do you get the holes in?” (meaning arm holes and leg holes) “Why isn’t the fabric shaped like pants?”  After the chose their fabric they got restless and tried running up and down the isles and I had to pull myself away a lot more quickly that I normally would have.

So, here is the fabric they each chose.  Can you guess which fabric belongs to which boy?



lindsey said...

top to bottom: Colin, Ollie, Gabe.

Ashley said...

Cameo is Colin, balls Ollie and stripes Gabe

Christie said...

When I was choosing fabric for my wedding dress I went to the "fabric district" in Dallas. Oh, my! A whole section of the city filled with fabric warehouses. It's probably a really good thing I'm not constantly tempted by Wal-Mart $1 yard tables all the time anymore. I really don't sew much these days, either, but enough that I think my kids do know that clothes come from fabric ;) Well, or at least that costumes do!
That really made me laugh, since when WE were kids summer meant hours in fabric stores with Mom, picking out our back to school wardrobe.