Sunday, September 4, 2011

Who My Mom Is, Part VI

Written by my brother, Levi Jeppson

May-June2007 140-1 My Mom, Levi, and Levi’s daughter Jovie, in June 2007, very shortly after my mom was diagnosed with PPA

My mom is devoted.

Her entire life has been centered around her family, her religion, her friends, and her community. Whenever a favor has been asked, a calling has been extended, a need has presented itself, my mom has responded without hesitation. From service projects to volunteering at schools to running Grad Night, she embraced Blythe and did everything she could to improve her community.

She has made countless friends through the years from every walk of life. She has always held her friends close and gone out of her way to make sure they felt special.

In the Church, she has served tirelessly in virtually every calling possible. No matter the calling, big or small, she makes sure it is done well and done RIGHT!

You would think with all of the energy she expelled outside of the home serving others, her family might have taken a backseat at times. But her devotion to her family is her most amazing quality! There has never been a time in my life when my mother hasn’t been by my side, guiding me with love and patience (lots of patience!) She was there every day when we got home from school. There during the late nights finishing science projects or book reports. There at every school or athletic event. There at every church or scout function. There when important life decisions had to be made. Now, with 8 graduations, 5 missions, 7 temple marriages and 24 grandchildren behind her, she is more devoted than ever with frequent travel, an insatiable desire to babysit, thoughtful gifts, and a smile that lights up every room she enters! Thank you Mom!

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Katie said...

I really don't know how she managed to be at all of our stuff. Just thinking about it makes my head spin.