Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween wrap-up!


IMGP1185I have been putting this post off a little because I knew it was going to be huge!  We had very fun and busy Halloween.  It started out with Ollie puking on Saturday, and thus being unable to attend our ward “Fall Festival” (trunk or treat).  Chad stayed home with him and I took the other kids.





It is fun every year, and this year was no exception.  For the third year in a row, my mom won the pumpkin carving contest.  This was her winning creation:



She also wore this great old lady costume and stayed in character the whole time.  It was pretty cool.  See the little monkey?  That is my niece Mayan – my sister Lindsey’s second daughter.  She and her husband Seth were visiting with their three adorable girls. 

(Not pictured:  Colin puking onto the floor of my van on the way home, two blocks from our house)


The next day we went to my parent’s house for dinner.  Chad got to stay home again, with Colin this time.  After dinner my mom set up a bunch of Halloween games for the kids.  They had a great time.  I have a lot of pictures from this evening of all the kids – I will try and get around to posting them on facebook. 


               IMGP1219 IMGP1354IMGP1314

This picture cracks me up – Ollie and Liam really aren’t trying to squirt each other – they just thought it was a good idea to play the squirt-the-eyeball game across from each other. 


This is my brother-in-law Seth, with their adorable baby Leslie.  I know Lindsey doesn’t totally approve, but I think Seth pulls a beard off rather nicely. 


  My Dad got to spend a lot of time with girls.  I don’t think he minded.


I wanted to share with you a picture of Audra’s awesome new hair……


and apparently she wanted to share with you a whole ‘nother picture, because I found this on my camera later.  Love you Audra!


On Halloween all the cousins on this side of Charlotte got together for trick or treating.  It was a lot of fun.  Oliver finally got to debut his costume.  His nickname is Ollie-burger and we call him that so often that he often itroduces himself that way, so when I saw this costume I knew it was perfect.  And Carina’s?  For a long time I have looked at dog costumes and that they would be perfect for babies, and this year I got to try it out with her (doggie) banana split costume.  It was great because I could just strap it to her front and she was super comfortable just chewing on it.  Babies and puppies really have a lot in common, people, we all know it. 

 IMGP1369 IMGP1375 IMGP1376 IMGP1381



The kids had a great time getting candy.  Oliver was running from house to house, keeping up with the big kids.  After an hour or so he suddenly said, “I’m done getting candy” and sat down in the stroller for the first time.  He was indeed done.  I took him and Carina (who had been a trouper the whole time) home and Chad took the other kids out for awhile longer.  After letting them eat candy for awhile, I found Oliver laying like this on the kitchen floor.


Definitely evidence of a good Halloween!


Christie said...

Oh, I miss Mom so much! And it had never even occurred to me to use a dog costume on a baby!

James said...

Well, now we know Audra is free of nose goblins...

lindsey said...

TRAITOR! Luckily Seth doesn't read blogs ;) Thanks for involving us in all the fun. Lily and Mayan really miss their cousins :)

Olivia Carter said...

Oh wow! That looks like SO MUCH FUN! Love the costumes!

Bob, Dad and Grandpa said...

It was a great Halloween!