Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Keepin’ It Real Wednesday

This morning started off rough.  Gabe stayed home from school sick (read: very tired and ultimately, very bored). Everyone was slow to get going and when our carpool van showed up, Oliver did not have his backpack on yet.  When I went to get it, I found that it was still in the van from the previous day, and then discovered that he had unfinished homework inside (rows and rows of Chinese characters to write).  I quickly wrote the teacher a note  saying he would bring his homework tomorrow (which I have never done) and sent the freaking-out kid out the door.

The kindergarten adjustment has been a tough one for my guy and he is reacting in the same manner than he has reacted to every big adjustment in his life: waking up over and over again at night, lots of emotions spilling over,  heels dug in with all his might and needing my constant love and affection without knowing how to show that that is what he needs.  I know him and I know he will get through this.  I know his teacher and I know that when Colin had her he cried every single night about not wanting to go to school the next day.  She is a good teacher-no one can doubt her desire to help the children learn and grow-but she is tough.  When Ollie’s folder came home today, it had a post-it note addressed to me, informing me that homework is supposed to be returned the next day and reminding me that she discussed that with me at the parent –teacher conference.  Thanks.

Those kindergartener emotions didn’t just spill over tonight – they gushed over, drenching the whole household.  I put the homework back away until tomorrow morning and took him to bed, where he was asleep before 7. 

Carina just feel asleep so now it is my chance to munch on carrot sticks while I watch The Host and fold laundry.


Did I mention?  Chad is in New York.  He is eating at Bobby Flay’s restaurant as I type this.  Oh, and he just sent me this picture:



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Cat said...

Oh how I feel every ounce of your pain. Kindergarten has been an adjustment over here as well. Today Jonah and I had a lengthy discussion (read: argument) over the spelling of Christmas....he asked how to spell it and then swore I was wrong. Frustration abounds....not so much for school work, but for not being able to express the frustrations. I always know it's been a hard day when Jonah falls asleep on the 15 minute ride home from school. Hang tight, Oliver! It will get better!

Oh yeah, and it's always when the husbands are away that chaos ensues! : )