Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Carina

IMGP7857  I have to tell you, this little girl is by far the easiest baby we have had .  She sleeps through the night most nights (next to me, of course), rarely cries, and likes to sit by herself and just look around or suck on her binky even when she is wide awake.  I almost feel guilty because I can just sit her down in her carseat and go about my business for a good ten or twenty minutes at time without taking care of her at all.  Maybe that is normal and my other babies were just “high needs” babies, I don’t know.  I just know that she could make our life so much more difficult than she does.   This was her during the water balloon fight – and she started out wide awake!  She didn’t like being outside much so she just put herself to sleep.

IMGP7693  IMGP7714

I put Carina and Oliver down for a nap together every day.  Oliver takes awhile to settle down, but when he finally starts getting sleepy, if she is asleep already, he will rub her head until he falls asleep.  It is very sweet, even when it has taken an hour to get to that point.

 IMGP7813IMGP7814 Here she is playing a little game she loves to play with Chad.  She how she looks him right in the eye and then he pretends to bite her baby feet and she just smiles and coos away.  Ollie thinks it is pretty fun too.  We have only managed to get laughs out of her a couple of times so far.  I can’t wait until she laughs more – she has an adorable tummy chuckle.

You know how most of the time when you let your toddler hold the baby, the toddler just looks like a giant?  The opposite is true with Oliver and Carina.  Whenever he holds her, she looks like she is going to outgrow him within a year or so.  It really cracks us up.



Ashley said...

Claire has that same purple onesie in the first picture!

I'm glad she is a good baby for you! Claire is doing great at night and takes good naps during the day, but the rest of the time she is pretty needy, she hates her carseat and won't take a pacifier (although she is trying to find her thumb)

That is so stinkin' adorable about Oliver rubbing her head. I lay down with Isaac and Claire a lot too - I like napping with my two "babies" :)

Katie said...

Ashley - that cracks me up because I almost sent you that onesie but then decided I liked it too much and kept it :o) Maybe Claire will get easier for you soon....I think Carina was a lot needier about a month ago, but I'm not too sure.....with Chad and I both home all the time, and then with Judy here, she always had someone holding her. That really stinks about the carseat though. Really stinks.

lindsey said...

That's great that she is so easy for you. I am really hoping for an easy baby this time around... Especially since Mayan is giving me a run for my money and running isn't so easy as big as I am :) She does look big next to Ollie. This little one is measuring above average (while Lily and Mayan always measured way below average) so maybe I will get my chubby baby :)
Ollie rubbing her head is so precious!

Christie said...

Looking at the pictures with Ollie it looks like he's Jeb's size...which might not be far off as Jeb is over 31 lbs now.

Olivia Carter said...

aw, LOVe these pictures of her. She's gorgeous!

Em said...

That is exactly how max was!!! I am convinced it is a girl thing and am terrified of having another boy.