Monday, January 2, 2012

My doll

Before this little girl was born, I had enough dresses to last her 'til she is around 18 months...most of them given as gifts by people who were excited to clothe our little princess.  What is more fun to buy as a baby gift than a little dress?  I have loved pulling those dresses every week to see what fits her now and every time I do, I think of the person who gave it to her.  Here, Miss is saying, "Thanks Aunt Cathy! I got lots of compliments today!"

She has started doing this cheese for the camera smile where she scrunches up the bridge of her nose and really hams it up.  It makes us laugh every time.  She has also started doing it every time she can catch someones eye, so trips to the grocery store and church are one big, "The whole world is here to see me" fest.

I know, two days in a row of iPhone pictures, but it is better than pulling out my red camera at church, right?  My phone holds my scriptures too, so it I happen to have it with me....and I happen to see something I want to snap a picture of, before church or between classes.....I'm not too obsessed with taking pictures, right? ;o)

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Em said...

I am convinced my iPhone takes just as good of pictures as my real camera 90% of the time. Love it!