Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing catch-up

This is very old news, but the kids celebrated Chinese New Year in January.  For those of you who don’t know, Colin and Gabe both attend Waddell Language Academy as a part of the Chinese immersion program.  In the past, they have always had a huge program for Chinese New Year, with all the Chinese classes performing and parties in each class, but this year they decided to scale back.  Each class had a performance and party in their class for their parents.  It also happened to be Chad’s birthday, and since they ask that no siblings attend, he got to spend his day off with Carina and Ollie while I went to four hours worth of stuff at the school.

Colin was the narrator for his class performance.   As soon as I got there, I could tell he was super nervous.  He was white and not smiling – looked sick to his stomach.  He did a great job.  He told me afterwards that he was so glad it was over.  He had been absent for the two days before it, and in that time they had learned all of their movements for the songs they sang.  Not knowing everything really shook him up – which I can fully appreciate because of all the nightmares I have had about being onstage at a dance recital and not knowing the dance. After the performance, we had some great food.


Next, Colin and I got to go to Gabe’s class.  His teacher had them sing some songs for us, and then all the kids learned how to make dumplings.    It was my first time in Gabe’s class since he started kindergarten, and I was amazed at how much Chinese the kids already understand.  The teacher gave all her instructions in Chinese – it is still surreal to see your child understanding a language that doesn’t register in your brain at all.  With the all worrying I did about Gabe starting (just because he has always been my homebody), I loved seeing him exceling and happy in his learning home.  We got to eat some more good food and the kids took a little rest, “waiting” for their red envelopes.


That night we went to Mac’s to celebrate Chaddy’s birthday.  We had a great time, but I don’t think it really did his birthday justice.  He is such a wonderful father and husband and we are so blessed to have him in our life. 


We did go on a date the next day, but we ended up just going furniture shopping.  We sold our other couch on craigslists(the one I was never quite sure about) and had an empty living room.  Kinda a duddy date, but furniture shopping without kids is much better than furniture shopping with kids and we found something we are happy with so it was a good day. 


Olivia Carter said...

Looks like so much fun! They have a Chinese Immersion program at an elementary school here (that starts at 1st grade). I'm seriously considering it.

Em said...

love the little princess amongst all of the boys.

Christie said...

I guess Jamie was right that your couch was missing!