Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Field Trip Friday- Imaginon

The Amazing Castle

If you live in the Charlotte area, and have never been to Imaginon, now would be an excellent time.  They have a fun castle exhibit going on.  On the 13th, we tried it out for Field Trip Friday, joined by my sister Lindsey and her three daughters, Lily, Mayan, and Leslie. The kids had a good time.  It was crowded but still bearable. 


There were lots of little stations for castle play – a kitchen, garden, workshop, some dress-up clothes, and a toddler area with blocks and dolls.  In the picture of Carina and Leslie below, you can see Carina standing in front of a little alcove were she stashed all the dolls she could gather, and then guarded with her life.  She really got the whole castle thing, I guess. 



After meeting Chad for lunch, we took the train back home, and the kids started having way too much fun with each other.  By the time we got off, they were pretty hyped up (well, those who weren’t reading a book, at least).  Plus it started raining right before our stop, so we ended up making a mad dash for the parking structure in the middle of a huge downpour.




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