Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gabe’s “Club Penguin” Party

As soon as Gabe finished his Harry Potter party last year, he decided he wanted to do a Club Penguin party for his seventh birthday, and he sure enough, that is still what he wanted when it came around.  I used the theme pretty lightly, but enough that he was happy.  If you don’t have any idea what Club Penguin is, it is a website run by Disney.  Kids create a penguin identity and play games to earn points to buy stuff like cool clothes,pets, décor for their igloo, and stuff like that.  They are only allowed to play the computer on the weekends during the school year, so they aren’t quite as obsessed with it right now as they have been the past, but they love it.


I made Gabe an igloo ice cream cake.  We played “Java Jump” and earned some medals.  The kids played together and we had pizza.

IMGP5396      IMGP5422IMGP5427IMGP5435

His actual birthday was the next day, and he got the dinner of his choice (shrimp tacos), leftover cake, and some more gifts.  Here he is, opening up his card from Grandma and Grandpa Coleman and finding a check inside.  He was pretty excited.  IMGP5441

The main gift that he received from us was a watch – a “real” watch…no cartoon characters, no digital numbers, black straps…and he is pretty in love with it.  He didn’t know how to tell time when he received it, and after a 20 second explanation became a pro.  He is now our official time keeper.  He had a great birthday weekend and was so happy the whole time. 


Olivia Carter said...

Love that he was excited about watch and check. It's just so cute when kids get "grown up" gifts and understand the resonsiblity. So sweet!

Ashley said...

That is funny that he didn't want a digital watch. Rae wanted a watch for her birthday but it had to be digital, velcro and pink! That is a super cute cake!

Christie said...

Oh, yes, that reminds me that Elizabeth needs a watch for Christmas!