Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!



Gabe and Colin both had Chinese New Year celebrations last Friday at their school.  They have scaled back the celebration the last two years and Colin’s was an student-only party.  But I got to attend Gabe’s and the anticipation of this party nearly killed him all week.  He asked me about a dozen times if I was going to come, and the night before when Chad said family prayer, Gabe fell apart because Chad neglected to bless Gabe that he would do well at his party. 

The kids sang us some songs and we played a very fun “fruit basket” type of game, all in Chinese.  I just had to learn the word for firecracker and run fast to a chair and I was set.  Then the kids feasted on noodles, fried rice, dumplings and fresh fruit.  I had to admire the vigor with which Gabe dug into that food.  He was so excited that his hands were shaking as he ate it. 



As I was on my way out, I prodded him to scoot closer to Addie, his friend that we carpool with, so that I could get a picture of them together. He firmly looked in the other direction and scooted away, highly offended.  I prodded him again, and then I heard his teacher say something very firmly in Chinese.  All I understood was “Cuh –yu-guh” (or however you write his Chinese name in pinyin) and “Ma-MAH” but he quickly moved back by Addie and let me take a quick picture, so I understood that she was telling him to listen to me.  I felt bad because I could tell I embarrassed him but it is nice to know he listens to his teacher, I guess.


I took a picture of his “100 Days” project in the hall on my way out.  I always love going to their school and seeing a peak of this world that they spend so much of their time in.  Honestly though, it makes me a little heartsick because it reminds me that they spend so much of their life away from me.

This year is the year of the snake.  People born under the sign of the snake are supposed to possess gracious morality and great wisdom.  The kids and I had a fun time last week looking at the years we were all born under.  Gabe and I are both “roosters” which means we are supposed to be deep thinkers who are very honest.  Colin is a a ram, which means he is supposed to be tender, clever, and kind-hearted.  Oliver is a rat, which a good sign for being smart and wealthy.  Carina is a rabbit, which is supposed to make her sensitive and merciful. And last but not least, is Chad, who was born under the sign of the monkey.  We always say his is the most fitting because it people born under this sign are supposed to be very playful, athletic, and quick-witted.  Click here to find out what sign you are born under and what it is supposed to say about you.


The other Chad said...

Oh how I miss that wonderful place!!! Happy New Year!!

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I'm a hot-tempered Pig and Roy is a quiet, wise and indecisive Sheep - and it says we are a good match!