Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break 2013, through the lens of my camera phone



Carowinds on opening day.  We got season passes for Christmas, so this will be the first of many trips.


The North Carolina Zoo on Monday – all 10 Charlotte cousins. It was super crowded and we spent the whole day pushing strollers and frantically looking around to make sure we had all the kids.


Tuesday – Colin’s 10th birthday.  He planned out a sports party over on the lawn by our volleyball courts and playground.  We played soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball, and kickball and ate pizza.  Instead of cake, he wanted cookies with whipped cream.  As a bonus, we let him stay up until 9:00, playing on the computer.


Wednesday, fishing at Copperhead Island with Grandpa.


Thursday and Friday –not much! 


Ashley said...

I wish we had a place like Carowinds close by to get a season pass! We went to the zoo with our friends during spring was the first day that there was nice weather...and it was Good Friday so it was insanely crowded. 8 kids and 3 adults -whew! Spring break made me really excited for summer - I love having the kids home!

Em said...

love this:)