Monday, July 22, 2013

Spokane Traditions -Dishman Hills



My father-in-law Bill is a little bit of a rebel.  A rebel for the sake of his doggy sons, Harley and Max.  He likes to wake up extra early in the morning so that he can get to his favorite hiking trails in Dishman Hills and let his dogs roam off- lease, before all the other dogs are there to distract the “boys”, and before all the other doggy parents are there to catch him. This particular morning, we got a bit of a late start, so to still circumvent the crowds we hiked up the steep back end of the trail.  The kids (and I) all loved the grand adventure.  Chad wore flip flops.  I wore Carina in the sling (that is my view of her down below, showing off a flower that Grandma picked for her).  I loved getting my heart pumping early in the morning.  Hiking in the west is the hiking I grew up – lots of uphill, blue skies, dry air, beautiful vistas.  AHHHHHHHH.


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Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing.