Friday, January 22, 2016

A mother's heart

School today was canceled for snow before we even went to bed last night.  My alarm usually goes off at 5 am every morning, so I still wasn't able to convince my body to sleep past 6:30.

Colin made pancakes. Chad worked.  The kids had chores, homework, and piano practice, but with the whole day stretched before them, there was plenty of time for piling on the redneck snow gear.  The door must have gotten opened a hundred times today as all four kids went in and out, never managing more than fifteen minutes at a time.

I now have four kids that can dress themselves completely for snow. Coats, boots, everything.  It makes life less stressful but I am not used to it, so I have to remind myself that I don't need freak out about how often they take the clothes on and off and leave them soaking wet on the ground.  I even have a kid who knows how to use the dryer.

Sadly, I did not use this newly found freedom wisely.  Despite my irritation with Facebook today, I found myself picking my phone up over and over again. And over and over I told myself to focus on the areas of my life I could actually influence instead of the things I can't control.

So I put the phone down and went outside to play with Carina and Colin.  I made the kids healthy tacos for lunch.  I laughed with Gabe when he told me about the X-box game he played where he deliberately made the Cardinals lose to the Panthers by 150 points.  Carina brought me her reading lesson and cheerfully sounded out "This is a seed."  And Oliver found me every half hour or so for squirmy cuddles.

As soon as Chad finished with work, he put dinner on the stove. I used the last of the bath bombs he gave me for Christmas as I soaked and read for an hour.

The night ended with a crackling fire in the living room, which turned into an impromptu dance party. The kind you only see in movie montages, where everyone is laughing and glowing. Oliver and Carina did their best ballroom moves.  I taught Colin how you dance at church dances. Chad did his two step. And best of all, Gabe, my most reserved child, busted out huge smile as he lip synched to Sam Smith.

It turns out, I didn't even need to influence my life for good.  I just needed to let the good in my life influence me.