Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I am thinking about tonight

  • My garden is really pathetic. Don't be fooled by the pictures on the side - they are prettier than it is. As a whole, it is needs a lot of work, and my climbing roses are all DEAD now, thanks to blackspot. So sad. I think I am done with them.
  • I am really thankful to have a house big enough to host my family members who take the trouble to come see us. I know that is a huge pain to drive/fly across the country.
  • Gabe was really grumpy today. He loves people, but he also loves his alone time and his mommy time.
  • Colin made a really important move in his game tonight, helping win their first game in the their season-end tournament. I was really excited for him.
  • Ollie wouldn't take a nap today and then cried hysterically on our way to Colin's school, until his little head dropped to his chest, dead asleep.
  • I love my mom.
  • My brother Aaron starts a law internship tomorrow. Wish him luck!
  • Looking at my blog count for April and May really bums me out.
  • We got our tickets for our annual trip to Spokane!
  • I forgot how much I loved Lost until it ended. Sure, a lot of stuff still doesn't make sense, but I cried during the finale.
  • I love TV, but sometimes I wish I had the strength to live a life completely free from it. Maybe even the internet too.


Olivia Carter said...

I cried when I saw LOST too. It brought me back to the good ol' first season & it was TERRIBLY romantic, wasn't it? I'm a sucker for romance.

Berto gets mondo over stimulated too. He loved having people around be he likes to just chillio with Sydney and mommy.

I'm sad about your blog count too- I miss you!

And I'm kinda grateful because 3 of the 6 shows we watch are done (Heroes, LOST, & 24). And so our already pretty limited TV watching will be that much more lessened. Woot!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh, and I like your mom too!

Kelly said...

good thoughts to share.

lindsey said...

aww i miss you guys already... I love mom too and as you know I also cried during LOST. thanks for having us katie, it was great to get to spend time with you. Ollie didn't sleep because he missed Lily too much ;)

Em said...

my tv life spiraled out of control when we got the dvr. i was watching crappy shows that i didn't like just b/c i could. every chance i got i was racing to the tv to get caught up on all of the shows i had recorded. i got sick of the tv, which are words i never thought i would utter. i never got into lost. watched the first episode and figured there wouldn't be enough to go past half a season. hah! guess i was wrong on that one.

Merf said...

what a wonderful opportunity to have the family together---good times! i love your mother too! and we all are sad when you dont post---i love your pictures....i have saved lost and 24 and heroes for dvd---so yay! still have PLENTY to watch---but all my reality shows are done....sigh.

Cat said...

Katie, if you like, I can have Jonah come over and break your TV. He hit ours in a fit of anger on Mother's Day and completely broke it. We just replaced it. I know it was only a couple of weeks, but that's a pretty big deal for us. It was a pretty peaceful couple of weeks too, but I'm really glad to have it back. : )

kj said...

We shut our TV off for 4 years and have had it back on for the last two. We were a lot more productive in the evenings when it was off...but don't totally shut yourself off from the rest of the world! I'd miss you if you didn't blog.

Christie said...

Oh, the ironic foreshadowing...