Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pajama Day

Ollie and I were the only ones who got dressed today. Gabe was throwing up in the morning, preventing us from leaving the house, and then happy, playful and eating after a little nap, so I knew I needed to do something big to keep the boys from bickering with boredom the rest of the day. We turned their room into The Best Tent Ever.

The boys first declared it to be a movie theater, showing Princess and The Frog

and later decided it was a gun shop.

*Updated* I was going to take detailed pictures showing everyone how I made it, but Chad didn't know and took it down today before I could. Basically the center was the ceiling fan blades. I tied the corners of king and queen size sheets to the connecting parts of the blades (towards the middle) and then secured them on there with yarn, if that makes any sense. I fanned the rest out in circular fashion and secured the ends however I could - shut in the bottom of the window, shut in drawers, tied to bedknobs, etc. If the sides overlapped I put safety pins on to secure them together. Then I strung some Christmas lights through it.


Olivia Carter said...

Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Seriously, how did you do that?

I'm in awe of your tent making abilities.

lindsey said...

aww this reminds me of the boys bedroom at the old (east ave b) house... all those high cupboards and the bunk beds combined for the best tents. yours looks fab :)

Ashley said...

Yeah, seriously, how did you do that?

Christie said...

Very cool. LOL, Lindsey, I also thought of East Ave B tents...I had remembered that the bunk beds helped, but had forgotten about the high cupboards in connection with the wonder we had such great tents! Although I'm not sure which room was "the boys' room" in your memory...I guess the added on one?

James said...

I like how they went from movie theater to gun shop