Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keepin' it Real Wednesday

As I mentioned, Chad is in Houston this week. It's not always easy to parent without him, but he is so sweet about leaving little surprises behind to let me know that his thoughts are with me.

Like the one I found while cleaning out his gym bag yesterday-

Week-old leftover chicken.

That's one tupperware that isn't getting washed (or even opened).

Anyone else have any good surprise stories to share?


Merf said...

yeah----david is always leaving leftovers in his car/briefcase---its gross....not sure the way he wants me to think of him when he is gone!

btw---leah and joe are moving to houston (joe is already there)--- right by baylor college of medicine---where is chad?

lindsey said...

Ugh Seth does this all the time... except he leaves his in the 180 degree work truck for a week first.

Olivia Carter said...

OH man. I SO know how this is. Grossy. Scott's work now has a cafeteria that's really, really good and they feed the workers for free, but before that he would ALWAYS leave leftovers in his HOT car for days. I just threw them away too. I have to draw a line.

Nelle said...

Uhhhh, gross! That's a gift I would want to give back.

Kelly said...

It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Em said...

I hate finding sean's Tupperware lunches that have been forgotten. Blahggggggg!!!