Friday, July 15, 2011

To the brothers, who sometimes forget

IMGP8504 IMGP8505-1

My dear boys, here it is.  The proof of your love for each other.  Last week, Oliver was sick.  With him in bed, you realized you actually missed that mischievous grin.  During one of Oliver’s little naps, we decided it was craft time, and surrounded by paper scraps, Gabe had the idea of a get-well card for Oliver.  The idea was seized and a gigantic six page card was created, beautiful and thoughtful enough to have your mom grinning all afternoon.

Deciding that he needed further cheering up, you put together a little puppet show that was silly enough to have the sick little guy grinning all afternoon.  Gabe and Colin, the happier you made him, the happier you also became,  and it was a boyish little love fest. 


 IMGP8499 IMGP8501-1

And me? I took pictures.  For proof, of course


(and yes, Ollie is wearing pink pajama pants.  all three boys have worn them, I will have you know )


Olivia Carter said...

I feel the same way about Syd and Rob when they get along all well & are cute together- it's like... why can't this last FOREVER??? How easily they forget they love each other.

Kari said...

Ah, I love it! You just have to document these things, or you yourself would forget that they love each other. So sweet!

Ashley said...

That is awesome. I just love those moments. I bet they will be kind, doting brothers to Carina when she is sick or sad.

Em said...

I love the hospital water mugs. I saw one in your picture and it had to be noted! Lol