Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My eldest

Eight year old boys can be a little aggravating, let’s just get that out of the way.  I am going to use a lot of sweeping declarations here, but if you meet an eight year old boy who doesn’t fit this description, you go ahead and tell me:

  • They will do just about anything for a laugh.
  • They are impulsive.  They make you shake your head and say, “What were you thinking?”
  • They can be very moody.
  • They don’t know when to stop. They will beat a joke to death and their hyperness can leave your heart pounding in your eyes.

I have an eight year old.  He fits the description above to a T.  Chad and I find ourselves constantly reminding him of one things or another.   It feels awful to do that to your child and I know that there needs to be a better balance somewhere. It is hard to know when to just seal our mouths shut and let some things sliiiiiiiide. 

Which brings me to the next part of the Colin story.

We went to parent teacher conference a couple of weeks ago for Colin.  Colin’s teacher stumbles a lot when she is speaking English.  She had a huge smile on her face, but had kind of a hard time getting started.  Then she suddenly blurted out, “Oh, Colin, he is my favorite student.”  The rest of the conference followed that tone.  Colin is so so so so smart.  He has so much potential.  He is so excellent in math that she gave him a different book than the rest of the class, because she wanted to challenge him. He is such a deep thinker.  He never forgets a Chinese word and he is always the first one done with his work.

I am very proud of Colin’s intelligence, but I know that it is something he was just born with.  We do try to foster his mind, but I know that a lot of his ease in learning has nothing to do with his efforts or our efforts. I try to count it as a blessing rather than an accomplishment.

However, so many of his teachers praises were about things that he has strived for.  He finishes his math quickly and then helps his classmates with theirs –sometimes translating what she says in Chinese into English.  He is always very kind to everyone in his class.  He always wants to learn more more more.  He likes to be challenged.  He is a hard worker.

I left the conference bursting with motherly pride and so happy to that he has a teacher that sees all the good in him that I do (and so thankful to be reminded of that good).  Yes, he is impulsive and eight, but he also:

  • Finishes his homework every day without a word from us about it.
  • Loves his little sister and always says in an sing-song voice to her, “You are SUCH a cutie-pie.  Yes, you are!”
  • Often makes sacrifices for his little brothers to make them happy.
  • Can clean a bathroom, top to bottom, all by himself.
  • Accepts constructive criticism from his soccer coach without dramatics or hurt feelings.
  • Loves everyone around him.  I honestly don’t think I have ever heard him say a negative thing about a classmate.
  • Cares more about being a goalie and stopping goals than playing offense and scoring goals.
  • Can be counted on to help me out when stress is high.

I’m one lucky mom-of-an-eight-year-old. 

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Olivia Carter said...

What a sweet post!

lindsey said...

He is SUCH a good kid. we taught 8 year olds for awhile in primary and it made me realize how much I like Colin :)