Sunday, March 18, 2012

Family Update: Gabriel


About a month and a half into the school year, way back in October, we went to a parent teacher conference with Gabe’s teacher.  She talked about how smart and well behaved he is, and then made it clear that she wanted more out of him.  She wanted him to raise his hand to volunteer answers instead of waiting to be called on.  She wanted him speak out more and be more confident about using Chinese even when he wasn’t quite sure if he was right or not.

I completely understood her concerns, because I know Gabe and I could picture him being exactly like that in class, but it didn’t worry me one bit.

By the second report card, his teacher let us know that Gabe was now a leader in class – setting an example in all areas, showing confidence in his learning and kindness to all his classmates. 

I knew that once Gabe became comfortable, the teacher would see exactly what she wanted from him.  Gabe always needs to warm up.

Gabriel is a learner, a thinker, and a dreamer.  When I picture him, it is not running or jumping, it is sitting with a pencil and paper, or talking and talking about something from his imagination. 

Gabe has become fully ensconced in the world of kindergarten drama.  He told me last week that he was no longer friends with a boy in his class.  When I asked him why, he told me a long and complicated story involving  the girl he has a crush on and his (former) friend breaking a rule to end up by this young lady during rest time.  He made it very clear that it wasn’t the girl part that upset him, it was the rule-breaking part.  Knowing Gabe’s affection for the girl (mighty)and his affection for rules (just as mighty), I am sure it was about half and half.  By the time he was done telling me, I could tell that just telling someone about the unpunished broken rule had relieved Gabe, and he admitted he was no longer angry with his friend.

For the first time this year, Gabe has male teachers in primary.  He loves church now.  He never forgets to bring the church bag they gave him at the beginning of the year, and never forgets what they teach him before he gets home (when I ask “what did you learn today?” he actually answers).  I am sure the full-size candy bar he got today didn’t hurt things.

Gabe has a piggy bank full of money and no desire to spend it on himself. 

Gabe found out the truth about Santa and the tooth fairy recently (because his 2 1/2 years older brother found out and immediately told) and didn’t mind one bit.  As he put it, “Mom, I already knew, because there is no such thing as magic.”

He can be seen several times a day tilting his head to the side and giving Carina his crinkly-eyed smile.

Gabe loves to laugh and loves a good play-on-words.

He doesn’t seek affection often, but every once in awhile will quietly sit beside me on the couch and gently lean into me.  For a few minutes I will put my arms around him and then he will just as quietly stand up and move on.

Gabe is the quiet brother, the second, and I have remind myself all the time to make sure that even when he doesn’t demand attention, he still gets it.

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Thanks again for sharing, Katie. Sounds like a great kid.