Sunday, April 1, 2012

Family Update: Chad


It is hard for me to write something about Chad without gushing a little.

Chad may not be perfect, but he is the perfect partner for me.  He listens, he supports, he leads, and he provides.

He makes me laugh every day.

One of the things I most admire about my husband is his ability to balance work and home life.  He is ambitious and has succeeded in every job he has had, but has no desire to climb the corporate ladder to a point where he will have to be away from us too much.  Chad could work at home if he wanted, but almost never does, because although he loves to see his family throughout the day, but knows that he is a much more efficient worker at the office, with access to the bank network.  There he can truly earn his paycheck, get it done, and then pay full attention to us when he gets home.  Chad leaves the house by 6:30 am almost every morning so that he can actually be with us for dinner, FHE, soccer practices and bedtime.  He pulls his laptop out almost every night to complete the work projects that have earned him a solid reputation, but usually only after the kids are asleep and he has done whatever he can think of to make sure my night can be peaceful.   Again, it may sound like I am bragging, and maybe I am a little…. with how much Chad jokes around, I am sure people don’t realize how disciplined he is.  He sacrifices a lot of himself to provide for us.

Chad is also trying to exercise more but it is much for difficult for him since he can’t go during the day.  He takes the kids to soccer practice 2 nights a week and is on dad duty every Wednesday while I am at mutual.  I hate working out at night so the fact he is even willing to go at night shows major dedication.

I know that Chad misses his family a lot.  He is always happiest when he is playing a stupid game like dodge ball on his parent’s big lawn, or showing off our kids to them.   His parents live in Washington, along with both his grandmas, and his brother and his family. His older brother lives in California with his family. Chad has two nieces and a nephew that he has never met.  Meanwhile, we live five minutes away from my parents and my brother (with his family) and see them whenever we want.  You would think Chad would get a little sick of it or bitter, but he never does. When I ask him about it, he always says, “I just think about how much it would mean to be to do things with my family.  Besides, I love your family.” 

Chad’s favorite things to eat are pizza and hamburgers, but he is still willing to eat things like quinoa and lentils every night.  Sure, he might make jokes about it, but he will eat it. 

To top it off, he is still the most attractive guy I have ever known, and he gives me beautiful kids.


Ashley said...

Sheesh, get a room ;)

He is a great guy - amazing you found someone like him in Blythe!

Chad Coleman said...

Listen - he sounds like a great guy. There is no way I can compete with that. We've had a good run, but I think this is a good spot to split ways amicably. Best of luck to the 2 of you...

Thanks Dew - You're still the girl who let me copy off in Spanish class and who shared your Arby's curly fries wtih me when I forgot to bring money on a temple trip (Those are both huge compliments and signs of your capacity to love).

Ashley said...

Man, you were a lunch moocher even back then!