Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keepin’ It Real Wednesday

This is one of those womanly posts.  You have been warned.

I am a lucky woman.

I am one of those women you love to hate.

No, it’s not my perfectly flat butt.  (My mom didn’t like the word butt growing up, so she would always say, “Jeppsons don’t have butts!” And it’s true.)

No, it’s not my acne at age 31.

Seriously, you are going to hate me when you hear this.

After giving birth, I usually go over a year without any visits from….you know….our dreaded Aunt Flo. 

Yes indeed….11 months with Colin, 15 with Gabe, 15 with Oliver, and we have yet to find out with Carina.

Is that a weird thing to talk about on my blog?  I kind of think it is, but then when I think about it more, it is no less personal than a birth story, and I want women out there to know that this is a possible benefit of breastfeeding.


Notice I said possible. Don’t be a total dummy and rely on it, and don’t be all jeal if you don’t get this benefit, hater.

So anyway, once my babies hit one year, I am a ticking time-bomb. 

When I find myself literally pulling my hair when my kids scream….

or every thing Chad says seems annoyingly condescending….

or my back has a little ache…….

or my stomach seems to poke out even more than usual…..

I think, OH NO!  This is it!  It is back!

And then a week passes with nothing and I realize, nope, it is just me……irritable me with the creaky body and belly pouch.  Just me. 

And then I  remember that once a month I am going to be irritable me times ten.

Tick tock. Tick tock.


Ashley said...

I've been wanting to write something about this too! We are so lucky! Between Isaac and Claire I only had 2 periods! Woot! If there's a benefit to nursing on demand and still nursing all night long - it is the fact that it keeps aunt flo away!

Em said...

same here!!! 14 months of nothing while nursing brennan (plus 9 months of being pregnant), 13 months while nursing max (plus 9 months of being pregnant), and i'm assuming 12-13 months with chase, plus pregnancy. glory be it's wonderful:) so weird though b/c i've only had three or four in the past five years b/c i've either been pregnant or nursing back to back.

lindsey said...

Ugh I am jealous. With lily it started when she was 7 months and made my milk dry up. She was still nursing around the clock. I didn't even get a period between Mayan and Leslie despite nursing on demand. ( i got prego when she was 9 mos old) Apparently my body wants me to have babies close together even if I don't. Needless to say I am being super careful right now. I can't imagine adding another to the mix right now.

lindsey said...

Leslie will be 8 mos next week. Gulp.

Olivia Carter said...

Yes, a nice perk! although I got pregnant with Rob when I had no period, was nursing, and on the mini-pill. I have no idea how that happened other than Heavenly Father REALLY wanted us to have a baby! :)

Gaynelle said...

I can relate. Well said.

Christie said...

I almost made it to a year after Jeb. Much nicer than the 5 months or so it was after Elizbeth.