Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July


We started the day with a short hike through Dishman Hills and a donut run – which is a bit of a tradition for us when when are in Spokane for the 4th.  We were joined by Chad’s brother Mike and his two kids, who are the same ages as Oliver and Carina. 

That evening, combined with Emi’s birthday party, we had a 4th of July barbeque.  My in-law’s backyard is such a great outdoor spot – my kids, especially Colin, love the hours we spend playing badminton out there.  In addition to Mike’s family, we also got to hang out with Chad’s other brother Billy and his family, including the adorable Macy pictured below, and beautiful Hailey, who as the oldest grandkid has a wonderful way of keeping the younger ones involved, entertained, and peaceful.


In addition to the party and barbeque, Grandma had the kids each paint a birdhouse for her to hang in her backyard. Oliver and Ethan also had a good time flying some dinosaurs around the yard. 


This family picture was taken towards the end of the evening when I demanded that we all gather together and snap it. 


Carina has been….how to I say this politely….very attached to me since our trip together to California.  Good thing I love her so much!


The evening ended with some illegal fireworks shot off my Uncle Mike, watched by some happy boys and a nervous grandma.



Cathy said...

I'm stealing the picture of Macy.

Maggie Shelton said...

Sounds like a great 4th! Love to hear about my family!

Em said...

love him covering his ears.

Ashley said...

Claire has turned into a monster since our trip! Everyone talked about how mellow and easy-going she was - but she is the opposite now! And she is more clingy, but also tolerant of others if I'm not around. We left her the other day with a teen babysitter for the first time!

Sometimes I forget that our family has family on the other side! Roy just has the three nieces and sometimes i even forget about them!

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