Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Emi

We got to celebrate my niece’s birthday the other day.  She is one year old, and just about the sweetest little toddler you will ever meet.  She waved and smiled at Carina and m ethe first time she met us, and all of my boys were already smitten with her by the time we got here. 


During  her party, her mom and I were hanging out taking pictures as she walked around in her fluffy pink dress like a little lady, when out of her mouth popped a pebble.   We had to laugh about that. 


Her parents threw a great party and we all had a great time.  I should mention that the picture below is the only time I ever saw Emi cry – we were trying to get a shot of all the grandkids and she was torn from her mother’s arms.


Happy Birthday beautiful girl!  We are so happy we got to celebrate with you.


Em said...

EVERY girl should get to wear a tutu on her birthday.

Mike Coleman said...

Ah those are some cute photos, I am so glad that our families were able to get together on her birthday. We had such a blast with you, chad and the kids. Really wish we all lived closer together. Ethan hasn't stopped talking about how much fun he had with his cousins and when he will get to see them again.

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