Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Week Shy of 22 months

This is Carina, waiting for Daddy to come home, and watching “Punzel” (Tangled). 
She is wearing her third shirt of the day.  The first had polar bears on it, the second had a kitty cat on it and said “Puuuuurfect,” and this one has a monkey on it and is actually a pajama top.  None of them got dirty, she just loves to change.  She can take her clothes off now and brings me new shirts to put on– she has just a few with graphics on them, but they are her favorites.  She loves animals in theory only – in reality they scare her.  Even bunnies have her literally shaking with fright.
Every morning as soon as I get her dressed she pats her head and says, “Hair. Hair.”  We head to bathroom and she sits on the counter while I comb through the fine blonde tangles and make her nice and neat.  She smiles with satisfaction at her pretty reflection and then asks for her shoes.  Halfway through the day, her hoodie has been on and off, she has shaken her head “no” a dozen times, and the wisps are hanging in her eyes.  “Princess” or “Wildcat.” Both nicknames are fitting.


lindsey said...

She sure a cutie. It makes me happy that we are buddies now. Mayan started the clothes changing phase at about that age and still does it at least once a day. She always wants to wear a dress (even in this weather)

Gaynelle Ryan said...

She is a doll. I totally relate on the animal thing. Ella loves dogs in theory but is so frightened when they are near her. On an unrelated note I'd love to know how the pinewood derby went. Seriously if it was left to me they would go with a block on wheels.