Monday, January 21, 2013

Chad’s birthday

It was Chad’s birthday yesterday.  Since Sunday birthdays are kind of a let-down, we have been trying to celebrate all weekend.  On Saturday we went to Discovery Place, and stepped out for a bit to watch the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.  That evening after the kids went to bed I surprised him by having Lindsey come over to babysit so we could jet out for some dessert.  Out at night! After dark! It was like we were teenagers again. 

Yesterday I made him three different kinds of salsa – Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, Cindy’s “Life-changing Salsa,” and Quick and Easy Blender Salsa (which everyone went gaga for).  We chowed down on chips and salsa so much that we barely had room for the shrimp tacos I made.  No problem, we had delicious leftovers for lunch today.


Chad with his new baseball mitt. He has been practicing baseball a lot with Colin and I also wanted him to have a glove for his trip to AZ this spring.  He is going down there for a week in March to watch some spring training games with his brother Bill!


We had molten chocolate cakes, made with the famous Aldi mix, and his squiggly candles melted inside of his. 


Dinner was followed by some football in the front room accompanied by some very very serious piano playing by Gabe.  So serious that he couldn’t even break a smile when Chad hit the piano.

Tonight we get to use the Ruth’s Chris gift card he got from a friend/coworker for Christmas. No kids, of course.  There is no way in you-know-where we are are taking our kids there.  Would it be weird if I don’t get steak at Ruth’s Chris?


Ashley said...

Uh yeah, definitely weird if you don't get a steak. :) But I bet all their food is delicious. Yummy. And mmmm, those lava cakes. I have another mix in my pantry just waiting for Valentine's Day :)

Glad he had a good birthday -did he have to do the dishes? ;)

Katie said...

He did one load last night and I finished them today. There were a ton!! I told him to stop cleaning and he told me he wanted it done right. Which is the response he always gives me. We both know that neither of us is being sincere :)

And I got the crab cakes 'cause Chad got the steak and I knew I could have some. His was definitely better, but mine were still super yummy.

Olivia Carter said...

YAY! Happy Birthday! Looks like a lot of fun! Great pics toO!

Olivia Carter said...

And Cindy's Salsa is the best. I mean, seriously, life changing that stuff I could eat it like soup.

Christie said...

Glad to hear that blender salsa was good. I've had that pinned for a while, meaning to try it.