Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Daddy with a sense of humor

Quite awhile ago, my sister-in-law Sabina gave me a itty- bitty traditional Chinese dress.   As Chinese New Year came close this year, I planned to have Carina wear it to church.  One busy Sunday morning, I pulled it out and showed her.

“Look Carina.  Look at the pretty Chinese dress.”

Carina, grabbing it and throwing it, “NO! No Chinese dress!”

We have no idea why she is so adamantly opposed to this dress – maybe just because she is so attached to her other dreses. Her brothers have tried to convince her over and over again to wear it, especially Gabe.  Every time, her reaction is the same. 


One night after her bath, we went into her room to put pajamas on and her giraffe was laying in her crib (which is a huge Carina no-no – she likes her distance from the toddler-sized giraffe when it is time to close her eyes).


Pulling the blanket off revealed an even greater offense – the Chinese dress!


Each night after that, for probably a week, Chad quietly made his way in there while Carina was in her bath, and her giraffe lay waiting for her when she came in.  Most of the time in her favorite dresses………





……….sometimes just an everyday hoodie (that she had on right before her bath.)


Christie said...

How very fun!

Olivia Carter said...

This is SOOOO funny! What a great daddy!