Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lunch with Colin

Colin’s birthday is almost always during Spring Break, which is awesome for him, but it means that he never gets to bring cupcakes to school on his birthday.  Carina and I went to lunch at his school last Thursday (Ollie was at preschool) and brought mini-cupcakes for his classmates. 

Since there are only two Chinese classes (and each has withered down to around 13 students in each 4th grade class), I know, at least by face, all the kids in his class. Most of them by name. It is always fun to see them and hear them reminisce about how big Colin’s siblings are getting.  Also, it is nice to see that even though my boy may be entering that slightly awkward stage, his classmates are right there with them :)  Like, I know that Colin showers every day and I have even taught him to do his own hair, which I thought wasn’t much of an accomplishment, but now I think it might be.

Also, you always wonder how old your kid will be when they start getting embarrassed by you, and Colin is still not there, which is really nice to know.  We got to sit at our own table, away from his class, but when it was time to pass the cupcakes out he asked me to come help him, with Carina.

For lunch he requested that I bring him a sub sandwich from Target with salami, pepperoni, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes.  He had that sandwich once a couple of years ago and has never forgotten it.  He was happy with his choice and the cupcakes he chose – red velvet and chocolate chocolate.

Gabe and Colin’s lunches overlap, so he got to sit and hang out with us too.


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Ashley said...

Our school does "brown bag lunches" about 5 times a year, where the parents all come and spend recess with the kids and then go to the classroom for lunch....I just love to see Rae and Blaise playing with Claire and Isaac at recess...they love showing them off! Hope he had a good birthday!