Monday, August 12, 2013

School Shopping

On Friday we did Ollie’s special back-to-school shopping trip.  Just like with Colin and Gabe before him, we had a celebratory breakfast out and the incoming kindergartner got to choose where we went.  The very excited almost-five-year-old chose McDonald’s and got the McGriddle for the very first time.  I took the egg off because he has never in his life liked eggs, put it on Colin’s Egg McMuffin for double egg goodness, and then Ollie ate about half of his McGriddle and decided he didn’t like it.  Tried some of Colin’s sandwich, wanted to trade, then took two more bites of Colin’s and said he didn’t like it.  So he then filled up the rest of the way on hash browns which are his faaaavorite breakfast food anyway (and vegan! greasy gross vegan, but vegan nevertheless).


After moans of fullness from all three boys and a ketchup mess from Carina, we headed over to Target to pick out a backpack and lunchbox.  Oliver was in just about the best mood possible and liked about ten backpacks.  As soon as he tried this monster one on, it was over.  It just fit him perfectly.  I got lots and hugs and smiles from my precious boy.


While he was making this vital decision, Carina managed to sneak the following into the cart: a purple lunchbag, a Minnie Mouse lunchbag, and a Minnie and Daisy notebook.  She was furious when I put them back.

I decided not to do all the supply shopping with the kids this year (because I am lazier? or wiser? hmmmm).  We bought lunchboxes and then went to a couple more stores for shoes.  By the time we were done, we were done, so I am glad we didn’t do the rest.  I will have to jet out some evening before school starts and do it (blissfully) alone.


Christie said...

Amelia was the only one who went with me. Elizabeth is NOT a shopper and couldn't care less what I pick out for her. Amelia, on the other hand, has an opinion, and usually wants what is most you can imagine how well that goes. At least I got most of their clothes shopping done at yard sales in NC!

Ashley said...

That is one part I miss when I don't send them to school. No excuse to buy new shoes and clothes. But I guess that is good news financially! We do stock up on a ton of supplies though :)

Chad Coleman said...

Ashley - having three this year, it is a little shocking how much money I am spending.