Friday, July 11, 2014

Field Trip Friday

The worst Field Trip Friday ever?

We needed to go pick some books up at the library, so after we did that,  I decided to look up some geocaches in the area.  We found two in the little greenway close by - an area I am very familiar with.

As soon as we got there, the kids started whining.  It was overcast but oh-so-muggy and just not a pleasant day for tramping around.  We stuck with the "hike" until we found the spot where the cache should be....and found a huge black snake, a tiny little frog, and lots and lots of blackberry briars. 

At this point we thought to look at the previous logs for the cache and found that everyone complained that they could not find it because of the briars and poison oak. Lovely.

Even the short walk back to car was a little miserable so we decided to just act like our unsuccessful geocaching never happened and look for easy fun elsewhere.  We hopped into Petsmart to admire all the kitty cats and then went to McDonalds.  Not our most enriching Field Trip Friday by any stretch of the imagination.

On a happy note,  Colin is so awesome about stepping up when Chad isn't around to help.  He got refills, waited for our food, and cleaned up.  His daddy has set a good example for him. 

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Twilight mania BF said...

amazing family, happiness!!