Sunday, July 27, 2014

I believe it is political, yes I do.

I am a little worn out about all this adoption stuff, and I think you probably are too.  If we are friends on Facebook, you see me “like” dozens of posts every day about our adoption situation, and I ask you to do things you have probably never done before, like call your Congressmen, and call the White House comment line to leave a message for President Obama.  It gets tiring for me, so I can only imagine how it is for you. 

I just want to say “Thank You.”  This has been one of those somewhat awkward situations for me for months, where over and over again I have been the recipient of so many kind inquiries and kind words and prayers.  My friends and family have stepped up over and over again when I ask them to speak up for us, each time with enthusiasm and compassion.  Awkward, but really just so humbling.  To watch people who I haven’t seen in years pass on a petition for me, or to hear that a cousin has called their Congressman multiple times on our behalf. 

On the evening of our candlelight vigil in Washinton DC, I dragged myself back to our hotel room, completely spent from telling our story a dozen times that day and from allowing myself to cry a river of tears with my fellow STUCK parents.  Before I fell asleep, I saw picture after picture pop up on my Facebook page of candles lit by my loved ones all across the country for our girls. I was buoyed by your support and I still am.

And honestly, I am so sick of social media.  I need a Facebook break, but I really just can’t take one right now.  It is my adoption lifeline.  I even joined Twitter, where the only thing I tweet about is the DR Congo exit permit suspension. I am even following Dr. Jill Biden on twitter because she made a trip there!

All of this is to say, I get it.  And I wish I could drop it and move on.  Oh, how I wish that.  But I can’t, because we have two daughters that are not home.  Every month we send off a big fat check to have someone else take care of them and every couple of months I get a few very sad looking pictures. 

A lot of you are parents out there.  Have you ever sat down and discussed who would take care of your kids if you die?  If you are lucky like me, you have many wonderful  people in your life who would do a loving job parenting your kids.  But isn’t it still torture to assign that job to someone else?  That privilege of loving your children, of drying their tears, teaching them, watching them grow.  You want to be the one serving them with all your heart. 


That is what I want, plain and simple.  To take care our daughters. I have decided that it really is a form of torture to grant a caring couple that stewardship- that sacred responsibility of being a parent -and then not allow them to actually carry out the responsibilities of that stewardship.  We have been their parents for nearly a year and we just want to do our job.

So I will keep up the social campaign and since I know you have all signed our latest petition, I am asking you to please pass it on to your friends.  If you know anyone who has a following on their blog, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, please use your voice and ask them to help us by posting this petition on Monday, July 28 and asking their followers to sign. We have President Obama’s attention, and we need to keep it and right now everyone seems a little weary.  Yes, I am asking you to use your relationships to help our cause – I hope you know some people that won’t mind you doing that for a cause like this.  If they have any questions about the politics or the ethics behind it, I will tell them all about it!  I am not afraid to answer why I believe this shutdown is completely political.  Thank you for reading this post, thank you for your continued support, and thank you for thoughtfully considering who else would like to support us.

PS.  Did you see me on  Click here – I am on for about three seconds, crying and saying we are in DC trying to bring our daughters home.  That was an emotionally exhausting day.