Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Keepin' It Real Wednesday

The other day I was taking the kids to school in the morning.  When they hopped out, some stuff fell out too and had to be picked up and put back in by one of the kids.  Have you ever had that happen?  Like we aren't conspicuous enough, with six kids dashing out, while I wave my arms in a circle saying "Go go go!" like a chubby drill sergeant in a dress and barefeet.*  Today when I dropped my kids off, the teacher in carpool, remarked, "Wow.  It's like a clown car.  They just keep coming."

So, I decided to clean my van out, to try to deflect a little of the embarrassment (at least the mivi-van related embarrassment.)  This was the pile of stuff that was in the van but didn't belong there, after the trash was thrown away. Amazing, I know.  I would like to highlight a few of these items. Besides the library book in the front, which has cost me at least $20 in twenty-five cents a day late fees (so worth it for the random facts Oliver can now spout when he is supposed to be doing "more important things" like homework or finding a pair of socks for school), there are a number of note-worthy items.

Note the title, and then note the teeth marks on the bottom right corner.  Lemon Sugar does not approve.

See these comforters?  They were left at my Dad's house in JUNE during a cousin sleepover.  They were just retrieved last week.  What have Gabe and Oliver been using for blankets in the meantime? I dunno, dirty towels or something.  Who knows. 

And one of my favorites.  An RC car that has been broken for YEARS.  The perfect toy to bring in the van. 

Not noted:
Dozens of markers and broken pencils
Every scrap of paper used at church
Church shoes
Amazon packages that were supposed to be returned
A neck pillow that was brought for relief on a strenuous 2 hr drive across the border to Virginia 


Christie said...

I feel like we accumulate that much in the van every month. Not to mention how badly it needs that is really disgusting

James said...

For bonus points, I can teach you and your kids how to exit the vehicle Airborne style. When I was dropping of the three older kids, I could get them out of the car faster than other parents could get one child to open the door on theirs.

Ashley said...

I don't know you can fit all that stuff and 6 kids! My new van has WAY too much room in the back - I may never clean it out again :) I am SO glad our library doesn't have fines!

SarahF said...

The clown car comment made me giggle. I love your pile of car belongings and randoms. I am currently going through my house and getting rid of all kinds of things- it always amazes me at how much stuff the kids accumulate. I fill trash bags and trash bags every few weeks. It's nice to know that other moms stand with me in our attempts to control the stuff in our cars and houses.