Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Interesting article about names

Here is an article about Sarah Palin's kids' names. It talks about name trends in "blue" versus "red" states.

By the way, the female Colin in Colin's class never appeared. We noticed on the first day that there was no longer anything in the classroom with the other Colin's name on it and Colin says that there isn't another Colin in his class. So we shall never know if there actually is a female Colin out there. How many times can I type Colin in one paragraph?

Oh, and Riddek seems to be Colin's new best friend.


Christie said...

It just makes ne thimk of Riddex.

Ash said...

There was a girl named Phoenyx (okay, I'm not sure how it was spelled, but it was something ridiculous) at the library today. Seriously, I know my kids have fairly different names, but at least I spell them normally! And they aren't nearly as bad as Sarah's kids names! And our next kids will all have totally normal names. (Claire, Emma,Issac, Oscar) Anyway, THAT being said, I am NOT one of those "typical first-time mother is a 22-year-old high-school grad is going to have a very different style climate from the community where the typical new mom is a 28-year-old with a college degree". :) And middle names do not count! I consider middle names up for creativeness since a child does not have to use it on a daily basis :)

Katie said...

I feel the same way about middle names, but Chad does not. Otherwise we would have used "Canyon" a long time ago.